Game Count Trip in Sanitas-Kunene Region

Amidst the global pandemic, in North West Namibia, conservancies undertook their annual game count activities. Whereby, game guards and members from the various conservancies came together to undertake the counting of wildlife animals on particular routes that have previously been identified as relevant in the identification of wildlife population numbers in various conservancies.

As part of explorative and base assessment activities, from the 22 to 26 May 2020 three researchers from the SCIONA project joined the game count. The researchers were given several routes to undertake as part of the game count. During the undertaking of the routes, the researchers were able to observe and identify inadequacies within the game count processes, and at the same time the researchers were able to formulate recommendations and suggestions that ought to be implemented to enable more efficient and effective game count activities.

It ought to be noted that cautionary, social distancing and health protocols were adhered to during the count.


A group of eight SCIONA collaborators undertook a field trip to the southern part of the SCNP to investigate insect fauna, detritus (plant litter), soil microorganisms, reptile population and soil characteristics of the area between Springbokwasser and Terrace Bay.

From 16-18 October 2018, SCIONA was represented at the SADC TFAC Network Meeting at the Southern African Wildlife College. Members were present from all SADC states (except Madagascar and Mauritius), USAID, IUCN, Peace Parks Foundation, additional NGOs in the region and academic institutions.

A kick off workshop of the SCIONA project was held in Moçâmedes, Angola, on 24 September 2018. The workshop was hosted at the Fisheries and Marine Science Academy (Academia de pescas e ciências do mar do Moçâmedes).

The Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism held a Stakeholders Consultative Meeting for the implementation of the Iona Skeleton Coast Transfrontier Park on the 21st of August in Windhoek.

The SCIONA team joined the EU Ambassador to Namibia on a field trip to  Kunene from 20 to 26 August. On the 21st of August, the SCIONA project was introduced to the Honourable Governor of Kunene Marius Sheya and the Mayor of Opuwo Albert Tjiuma.


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