Wildlife camera traps used by community game guards

At the end of June 2019, a SCIONA team travelled to the Orupembe and Marienfluss conservancies in the Kunene Region. The co-design team met with local game guards from these conservancies. The game guards briefed the team on the current wildlife monitoring activities, including their interactions with the camera traps that were set up during a previous trip. The team, together with the game guards assessed the content on some of the camera traps. The content included images of ostrich, gemsbok and springbok.  Most of the images were captured as a result of animal movement at waterholes. They also gave an update on the use of the Wildlife Activity Reporting (WAR) app, which was designed in conjunction with them. Additional SCIONA camera traps were handed out to the game guards, as well as mini solar chargers, which were highly appreciated by the game guards.


Author(s):  Chris Muashekele