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A team of two SCIONA student researchers left Windhoek for three weeks long (10th 30th November 2019) trip to Epupa conservancy. The team was set to work in seven management blocks of the conservancy; Okandombo, Epupa, Omuramba, Omuhonga, Ondendu, Okanjandi and Ogondjanambari block.

During a botanical expedition to the northern section of the Skeleton Coast National Park, Namibia, in May 2019, Wessel Swanepoel encountered an unfamiliar succulent shrublet on the summit of the Agaatberg Mountain, approximately 8 km east of Cape Fria.

The persistent and unprecedented drought in northwest Namibia continues to strike down livestock and wildlife in the SCIONA study area.

As part of a Master of Health Sciences Research Project, the medical readiness of Game Rangers is evaluated in the Namibian austere environment. Surveys were conducted in Organizations and Game Rangers in the various regions in Namibia. SCIONA assisted with some data collection for this study.

Three SCIONA students performed field work in Iona National Park during the month of October 2019. This included a vegetation survey in the mountainous area near Iona village.