New plant species for SCIONA

Photo by V. De Cauwer

A third new plant species was described for the SCIONA study area: Osteospermum namibense this new species, is known only from the northern part of the Namib Desert in the Kaokoveld Centre of Endemism, northwestern Namibia. Within a broad generic concept for Osteospermum (tribe Calenduleae), the new species is a member of subgen. Tripteris. These dwarf shrubs grow on rocky outcrops under harsh desert conditions. Diagnostic characters for Osteospermum namibense include the perennial, woody habit, di- or trichotomous branching, succulent leaves arranged in rosettes, and capitula with 12–14 rays. 

For more information please go to: Swanepoel, W., De Cauwer, V., Van Wyk, A.E., 2021. A new species of Osteospermum subgen. Tripteris (Asteraceae: Calenduleae) from the Namib Desert, Namibia. Phytotaxa 487(3), 185–194.