New plant species for SCIONA

A new Euphorbia species was found on a hill in the Skeleton Coast National Park by SCIONA team members during the scoping trip in May 2018. We are happy to announce that the description of the new Euphorbia rimireptans was recently published in Phytotaxa. We thank everyone who contributed to this article, from prospecting potential locations, to the meticulous microscopic study of the plant material and taxonomically describing it, organising and funding the logistics involved in the fieldwork and Sebastian Mukumbira for spotting the first specimen.

The new species is situated in the Kaokoveld Centre of Endemism. It is a small, often pendant succulent that grows on rocky outcrops of latite. Its nearest relative is Euphorbia giessii. The population is healthy but small, estimated at less than 1000 individuals, and the species can thus be categorised as vulnerable.


The article can be cited as:

Swanepoel, W., Becker, R., Möller, A., and De Cauwer, V., 2019. Euphorbia rimireptans (Euphorbiaceae, Articulofruticosae), a new species from the Skeleton Coast, Namibia. Phytotaxa, 414 (4), 165–173.

V. De Cauwer