Drone taking videos in Iona National Park

The largest national park of Angola, Parque Nacional do Iona, is a remote wilderness area that does not receive many visitors. The following drone images provide a view of the area between Espinheira headquarters and Salondjamba, the northern entrance gate:

Click through this playlist:

  1. Aerial view of rangers’ headquarter in Espinheira
  2. Rocky inselbergs at Espinheira
  3. Aerial view of the surroundings of the Espinheira Biodiversity Observatory
  4. Desert mountain ranges 7 km north-east of Espinheira, about 10 km along the road to Salondjamba
  5. Desert mountain ranges 26 km north-east of Espinheira, half way along the road to Salondjamba
  6. Acacia desert 19 km south of Salondjamba, along the road to Espinheira
  7. Riverbed with Salvadora persica and Tamarix usneoides, close to the National park gate at Salondjamba.

The drone videos were taken by Manfred Finckh & Paulina Zigelski in September 2018.